Skinny Body Care Review

Welcome to My “No Nonsense” Skinny Body Care Review:

If you are reading this, you have probably taken a look at the Skinny Body Care business opportunity, or you might already be pre-enrolled.   Either way, you are doing a wise thing researching and trying to find the most comprehensive Skinny Body Care Review.

Skinny Body Care Review

Skinny Body Care (SBC) is a United States based network marketing company that officially launched on January 20, 2011.  The company is owned by industry expert, Ben Glinsky.  The company is debt free and rock solid.  Skinny body Care is  currently operating in over 100 countries worldwide.  The company is licensed and registered with over 30 product distribution centers all over the globe.

 Skinny Body Care Review and the Company Mission:

From the purest of ingredients, to its top-notch manufacturing facility, to its corporate team that represents an unparalleled level of leadership, Skinny Body Care is passionate about being the complete world class company.

That means, not only are they 100% committed to providing their customers the absolute best quality products on the market, but they also offer an opportunity for individuals to earn income by becoming a Skinny Body Care distributor.

Skinny Body Care Review of the Products:

Committed to helping people stay youthful and vibrant, Skinny Body Care is the ONLY company in the industry to bring you the next generation of weight loss product. From their world class manufacturing facility to using only top quality natural and organic raw materials, their innovative formulas get results!

Skinny body Care has five products. In this Skinny Body Care review, I will touch on each one.

Skinny Fiber:

This is Skinny Body Care’s flagship product.   It’s an all-natural weight loss capsule that contains a proprietary blend of cutting-edge ingredients.  The Skinny Fiber ingredients work by expanding to 50 times its original size in your stomach, which makes you feel full faster, eat less, and lose weight.  The product also does a number of other things to facilitate weight loss, including burning fat, boosting metabolism, eliminating toxins, and more.

Skinny Body Care Review


Ageless Anti-Aging Serum:

This is Skinny Body Care’s secondary product.  It was launched by the company in 2012.  Ageless contains Glycosaminoglycans, Elastin, and Collagen which help to firm and tighten your skin. These key ingredients also help to moisturize your skin by increasing your skin’s hydration levels, essentially “plumping” the skin to help fill in wrinkles and make you look younger.  Some people have reporting seeing results in as little as 3 days.  The company says you may look and feel up to 10 years younger within minutes.

Skinny Body Care Review

HiBurn8 & Skinny Body MAX:

The additional products, which launched in December 2015, are complimentary products to Skinny Fiber. HiBurn8 and Skinny Body MAX can also be used as stand-alone weight loss supplements.  HiBurn8 promotes healthy sleep, promotes maximum metabolism during sleep, and supports a healthy body.  Skinny Body MAX contains a proprietary formula, helps promote healthy weight management, supports detoxification, provides antioxidant properties, and much more.

high burn


Instant YOUTH:

This is Skinny Body Care’s newest product.  It was launched in January 2016.  Instant YOUTH reduces the appearance of aging in 90 seconds!   Scientifically formulated to quickly and effectively diminish visible signs of aging, Instant Youth helps immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and fine lines to give you amazing results in under two minutes!

instant youth


E3: The Ultimate Fuel for Your Body!

  • Energy Boost for any sport or exercise
  • Endurance to help prevent “the crash” and push you past your limits
  • Electrolytes to support optimal hydration
  • ZERO Sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Only 25 calories
  • Natural, gluten-free Ingredients
  • Much MORE, all in JUST ONE SCOOP!

P4:  The Ultimate Meal Replacement Protein Shake!

  • Collagen Protein
  • Whey Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Probiotics
  • Plus 21 Vitamins and Minerals



How Can I Make Money with Skinny Body Care?

What type of Skinny Body Care Review would this be if I did not explain how you can make money with this opportunity?

Let me explain…….

There are two types of members in Skinny Body Care.  The first kind is called a Preferred Customer.  Preferred customers are people who purchase Skinny Body Care Products for the purpose of achieving perfect weight and/or looking more youthful. Preferred Customers do not participate in the Skinny Body Care compensation plan.   The second kind of Skinny Body Care member is called a Distributor.  Skinny Body Care Distributors purchase Skinny Body Care products for personal use and participate in the Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan buy sharing both the products and the business opportunity with others.   Which type of Skinny Body Care member you want to be is entirely up to you.

If you want to earn additional income with Skinny Body Care, you must become a distributor.  As a Skinny Body Care Distributor, you earn money by recruiting both preferred customers and distributors.  When you partner with me and become part of our  Power Team, you will be shown how to do both.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Skinny Body Care and What Do I Need to Do to Remain an Active Distributor?

This would not be a sufficient Skinny Body Care review if I did not discuss the cost of joining and staying active.  If you decide to join Skinny Body Care, as a distributor, there are two options available to you.  The first is required and the second is optional.

1)  REQUIRED:  To remain active as a Skinny Body Care distributor, you only need to maintain a minimum of 50 BV each month in personal volume.  It could potentially cost you nothing because to accomplish that 50 BV you can do EITHER one of the following:
  • Purchase at least one (1) bottle of Skinny Fiber per month, which costs $59.95 (wholesale cost plus shipping). This can be done by manually placing a product order OR by having an active product auto-shipment setup in your account.  You can choose to consume the product yourself or sell it to recoup your costs.
  • Make at least one (1) retail sale from your Skinny Fiber retail website.  Achieving your 50 BV this way does not cost YOU anything AND it earns you a $20 retail bonus.

2)  OPTIONAL (Recommended):  As a Skinny Body Care Distributor, you have the option of joining as a Legacy Matrix Member!   As a Legacy Matrix Member, you receive all the same benefits of being a distributor, however,  you become eligible for a substantial annual bonus paid out in January for the prior year.  You must purchase 100 BV  (a  two- product order)  to get your place in The Matrix.   You must also maintain at least 100 BV each calendar month to keep your spot in the matrix. (This is your PERSONAL volume.)  It is possible but not guaranteed that even if you never sponsor anyone that you could receive a matrix bonus Commission when it is paid next January because people above you who are signing up people could get placed into your Matrix and you will get paid on those people… you will get paid on ALL the people in your 3 x 7 Matrix… Up to $39,348.00 PLUS MATCHING BONUSES!!!  You can learn more about the Legacy Matrix here!

I hope you got some value from my Skinny Body Care Review.   Click the link below and get started as a distributor today!



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