Skinny Body Care FAQ’s

Skinny Body Care FAQ'sStarting a home-based business is a brilliant move to create an additional stream of income or to replace your day job.    There are many up-standing companies out there to consider and Skinny Body Care is just one of them.  I have put this blog together to help you learn as much as possible about Skinny Body Care to help you make an educated decision.   Below, I have put together a list with answers to some of the most common Skinny Body Care FAQ’s.

How Much  Does it Cost to Get Started as a Skinny Body Care Distributor?

To become a Skinny Body Care Distributor, you must purchase a product package (see below), plus pay a one-time $10 fee, which covers your websites, virtual office, training and some marketing materials.

Here are your product package options:

1 Bottle of Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8, Instant Youth, Ageless, E3, or P4 = $59.95 + one-time $10 + shipping.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free of Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8, Instant Youth, Ageless, E3 or P4 = $119.85 + one-time $10 + shipping.

Buy 3, Get 3 Free of Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8, Instant Youth, Ageless, E3, or p4 = $179.90 + one-time $10 + shipping.

  • Each bottle/package is a one month’s supply
  • A Money Back Guarantee is offered by the company and only for products purchased through a distributor approved website.  All links on this blog go to an approved site.

What Forms of Payment does Skinny Body Care Accept for Product Purchases/Distributorship?

You can pay by credit/debit card or with Bitcoin.

What countries can people join from around the world?

We are currently available around the entire WORLD with these exceptions… South Africa (ZA), Zaire (ZR), Estonia (EE), Swaziland (SZ), Namibia (NA), North Dakota, USA — To see the entire list of countries, visit your join page and look at the “Country“ drop down list under the Shipping Address section. You can visit … http:// username . (click ORDER at the top right) look for the “COUNTRY” option under the shipping address.

Where are the SBC distribution centers?

SBC DISTRIBUTION centers around the world!!

Here are the locations… (so awesome!)

Germany (services all of Europe and Russia)
New Zealand (services NZ and AU)
Dominican Republic
St. Thomas
Trinidad & Tobago

Can people sell SBC products on Amazon / Ebay?

This does happen with ALL Network Marketing companies… It’s NOT allowed unless sold at RETAIL price. You can report them to corp and they will be terminated from the company. If a prospect asked you about this just tell them they do NOT get a guarantee from the company and you never know what you are getting when buying from a stranger online… it’s always best to buy direct from the company… through your SBC website!

How and When Do I Receive My Skinny Body Care Commissions?

Skinny Body Care Commissions are paid out weekly and monthly.  You Can receive your commissions by direct deposit if you are in the U.S.  If you are outside the U.S., you can receive you commissions to a Payoneer Mastercard.  For more detailed information regarding how and when you get paid, click here!

Can I Sign Up My Spouse?

Yes.  In fact, I suggest you have a second position within Skinny Body Care.   YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!  You will get paid on two positions instead of one.

Sign up your spouse or family member or your company as a distributor and once you hit the rank of GOLD… That is when I recommend you start sponsoring people through your second position and double dip on the Compensation Plan. You can even use the same mailing address but you just need to use a different credit card.

This is NOT something you have to do. But many top leaders in the company have a second position.

If you’re really in this for the Long Haul to create a six figure income, then once you hit the rank of gold, sign up your second position if you have not already done so yet. And start sponsoring people through that second position, all of that volume will help your top position go platinum!

Do I Need to Keep Inventory?

No.  All orders through your Skinny Body Care website are fulfilled and shipped by the company.  You can keep product on hand, but it is not necessary.

How Do I Make Money as a Skinny Body Care Distributor?

You make money by sharing the Skinny Body Care business opportunity and the products with others.  You want to get customers and you want to recruit distributors.  Once you become an SBC distributor, you are part of an amazingly supportive and kind community that will show you how to do both.

Do I need to be on Facebook to have Success with Skinny Body Care?

You may not like this, but YES!  All of the training and mentoring is inside of our FB community and there are so many resources there to help you build your business.  If your are not on Facebook, you will not be connected and you will miss out on so much training and mentoring.  It can be done without FB, but I would not recommend it.  It will be much more challenging.

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To Your Success,

Krista ZIobrowski